Brand Yourself

Earlier this week we were assigned to make and use a profile on This site allows to see what other people see when they are searching for your name or website. Some of the results were shocking, if you had and old pictures you post they come up along with some other people with the same name and even addresses. I had three out of ten results pop up that were actually me or that I wanted people to see. Three out of ten isn’t the best number, but that’s why it was such a useful tool. I was able to say it wasn’t me or that it was a negative thing about me and now to my knowledge it will be ignored in the future.



Name Plate

This week one of our assignments was to make a name plate. For this particular assignment I used The website was user friendly and pretty straightforward.  It allows you to pick multiple areas you enjoy along with some background info; such as where you are from.

Furthermore it allows you to add five hashtags to the name plate. This could be very useful if used correctly. If that’s not enough it also allows you to link all of your social media to the same page, this way people can see your tweets, Instagram and what videos you have upload most recently.



Aboutme. N.p: n.p, n.d.

Overcoming Fear (SEO)

This week we researched search engine optimization using Google Ads Keyword Tool. Our assignment was to pick five keywords that would promote our blog with and then compare them to what Google would suggest. The results were kind of shocking.

As any person would think the keywords Google would suggest would be words or concepts talked about in the blog. This however was not the case. The top five suggested words all had to do with free online templates and free online websites. Which begs to question if Word Press does this on purpose, it would make sense from a business standpoint. More websites made equals more free advertising for them.

The keywords/phrases I chose where: Fear, Overcoming fear, Free climbing, Adrenaline Rush, Young and Dangerous. I chose fear simply because that is what the whole blog is based on. Overcoming fear, my goal of helping people overcome fear and looking at the bigger picture. Free climbing, one of the bold ways I attempt to show people that fear is a choice. Adrenaline Rush, many people get a adrenaline rush just watching the videos I make so I thought this would get a lot of hits. Young and Dangerous, one of the many phrases free climbers tag themselves in. So just logically thinking, if people are looking for free climbing videos or just something that’s crazy.

Overall, this could make or break a blog. I also wonder if Google does that if you get the paid version of Word Press. But I guess if you don’t make it through the terms and agreement section you’ll never know.


Google AdWords. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

Infographic Assignment

This week I was instructed to make a infographic display. For those who don’t know what a infographic display is; it’s a visual representation of information. I have some extreme hobbies some might say, that are potentially life threatening. But what isn’t life threatening?

I took the top leading causes of death in a pie chart. Then I did another comparison on deaths that could of been avoided and compared it with free climber deaths. I mentioned briefly in my infogragh that people could say that not as many people free climb. Which would be totally correct. That being said we could take something as simple as driving a car. People are ready to get in a car and drive around; roughly thirty three thousand people die a year in car crashes. Then they let things distract them such as other drivers, texting, phone calls, at least I’m paying attention when I’m risking my life. So what are you doing that’s life threatening?