Infographic Assignment

This week I was instructed to make a infographic display. For those who don’t know what a infographic display is; it’s a visual representation of information. I have some extreme hobbies some might say, that are potentially life threatening. But what isn’t life threatening?

I took the top leading causes of death in a pie chart. Then I did another comparison on deaths that could of been avoided and compared it with free climber deaths. I mentioned briefly in my infogragh that people could say that not as many people free climb. Which would be totally correct. That being said we could take something as simple as driving a car. People are ready to get in a car and drive around; roughly thirty three thousand people die a year in car crashes. Then they let things distract them such as other drivers, texting, phone calls, at least I’m paying attention when I’m risking my life. So what are you doing that’s life threatening?




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