CAP 105 Final Exam

2. Creating your own logo. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, put some thought in how to make my own logo. Combining my views and goals in life I came up with a pretty awesome amazing one. FINAL LOGO.PNG

This is my final logo. I started with a circle symbolizing life. But not a complete circle, this break in the circle represents the imperfections in life, much like the Zen or Enso symbol. Then obviously I had to involve parkour in my logo. In kind of a Chinese drawing there’s this man running. I had a lot of fun making this logo and am open to more ideas if any of you reading this has some!

3. For step three of our final we had to take four pictures around campus and alter them in some way, then explain what we changed and were we took the picture.


First picture up is me standing next to the founder of GVSU. I don’t think he was that tall in person. This was right outside the library.


This picture was taken right before you cross the bridge. We need to alter these photos and I thought what better way than too put GV filters on them!

IMG_2144.JPG This was on a different side of the library. I was headed there to study for finals. I also has a pew library filter on it.


This was taken on the close to Padnos hall. It’s a nice little spot on campus that is full of life and nature.

4. The forth part of our final was to make three memes, specifically bad luck brian, a first world problem and haters gonna hate.

Bad luck Brian: the concept of this meme was pretty straight forward. I love jolly ranchers but worked for eight hours and was expecting money.
FullSizeRender (2).jpg

First world problem: this one was probably my favorite, just because of how true it is. Unless you are 100% against phones than you always have yours on you and are constantly staying updated throughout the day.  FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Haters gonna hate: this one was funny, The weekend before I did this project I received “The Tryhard Award” from my Fraternity. So I felt inclined to use it for this meme.FullSizeRender.jpg


6. For this step we had to take a photo of a sculpture or spot that speak to us. I choose this particular one because every time I see it I think of water; every flowing and constantly changing. Hence my pose, karate kid. Goofy but at the same time speaks words about how it makes me feel.


7. I had fun creating this. I combined the logo I made along with EXTREME (the company that sponsors me) and then my name in the top left.


8. Finally number eight. Which was probably the most fun, in case you aren’t aware Miley Cyres came out with a song called “Wrecking Ball”, and she was basically naked riding a wrecking ball in her music video. Well GV has a very similar ‘wrecking ball’. Since that video was released GV has put up a fence because students were riding it, and some were naked. You all know how I feel about fences… That just makes me want to do it even more.


I’m not sure what was more fun, swinging on it or the looks i was getting when people were walking by.